Alexei Ivanov

Demon hunter & new blood


Name: Alexei Ivanov
Age: 220
Race: Dhampir
Height: 5’10"
Build: Narrow, lithe
Occupation: Demon hunter
Likes: The color red, storybooks, quiet nights in front of a warm fire.
Dislikes: Being disarmed, the dark, small, cramped places.

More of a skeleton than a man, Alexei’s undead lineage is certainly the dominant half. His hair is a slate gray and his skin pallid, though it isn’t difficult to coax a rosy blush onto his cheeks. His nervous demeanor is displayed through his tense posture and inability to look anyone in the eyes (really, he’s trying), though Alexei makes a concerted effort to conceal himself in as many layers of dark clothing as he can. It’s called fashion, babe.

Alexei’s entire life is dominated by the existential dread that accompanies living. However, put a blade in one hand and a crossbow in the other, and the meek hunter becomes a whole lot more confident— almost like he feels… safer.


Alexei originally hails from the Shadowfell, though not much else is known about him in the Crown due to his status as a recent arrival. Royal apparently recruited him personally— though it wasn’t in the Shadowfell that he located the Dhampir, but in the Underdark. Since then, Alexei has been sent out on whatever missions the boss sees fit and has been put on an all-liquid diet (much to his dismay).

Alexei Ivanov

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