Armorer, blacksmith, & battlemaster


Name: Astrid
Age: 39
Race: Halfling
Height: 4’1"
Build: Stocky, muscular
Occupation: Armorer for the Crown
Likes: Spicy food, competition, mid-afternoon tea breaks, the feeling of cleanliness after she washes off the several layers of soot dusting her face.
Dislikes: Bartering, cutting corners, dishonesty.

Astrid is surprisingly tall for a Halfling— and unusually strong at that. All broad shoulders and hard muscle, it’s easy to see why she makes the perfect battlemaster: she’s powerful, and she’s confident. Astrid generally forgoes wearing armor in favor of her usual work attire. It’s more practical in the forge, after all— and practicality is her middle name. Her tan skin is covered in scars and freckles alike, though more often than not it’s buried under a thick coating of soot. Not that she minds.

Astrid is an avid perfectionist. In her mind, if you’re going to do a job, you either do it right or not at all. This attitude unfortunately pervades almost every aspect of her life and makes it a tad difficult to maintain a relaxed relationship with her. Otherwise, Astrid is a friendly woman, and once you can get her talking about a shared interest, you’ll have a hard time getting her to stop. It’s all a part of her charm.


Astrid is relatively open about her background, though it’s surprisingly mundane for a member of the upper-echelons of the Crown. Hailing from Omanta, Astrid was another in a long line of blacksmiths. She originally worked as a weapons supplier for the Wake before abandoning her home and signing up with the Crown. As for why she did this, Astrid simply leaves that to the imagination— after all, aren’t the best details often kept secret?


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